An asset for every building is high-quality stones used for construction purposes. Not only does it make the building more durable but it also enhances its monetary value. Some of the natural stones are environment-friendly and highly preferred by homeowners in Leicestershire. The popularity of stones has enhanced in the last few decades, and their monetary price is also getting higher. So, choosing a suitable building stone is a must.

Few Things Stonemasons Consider When Choosing Stones For Construction

  • Structure

Stones generally used for construction purposes can be either layered or unlayered. Since structured stones can be easily dressed, they are ideal for making super-structure. Unstratified stones, on the other hand, have a complex structure so dressing them is a bit challenging. They are suitable for foundation works.

  • Texture

If you are looking for stones that can be carved, choose fine-grained stones. They have a homogeneous distribution that makes them look attractive. Generally, these stones are durable and robust.

  • Density

Generally, denser stones are stronger than lightweight stones. Builders prefer using stones with a specific gravity of more than 2.4 as they are more robust and suitable for constructing buildings.

  • Appearance

One of the primary reasons why people prefer constructing buildings with stones is because of their appearance. You can expect a stone with uniform colour and texture to be durable if its grains are compact. Marble and granite become more appealing when polished, which makes them suitable for face works in buildings.

  • Strength

One of the primary things stonemasons in Leicestershire consider when choosing stones for construction is its strength. Since you are using the material to construct a building, it should have high tensile strength. The stronger the stone is, you can expect the building to last longer. When making building blocks, choose stones with a minimum crushing strength of 3.5 N/mm2.

  • Porosity

Stones are porous and can absorb water. The quality of stone disintegrates when water reacts with the stone’s material. It is advisable to conduct an absorption test by immersing the stone in water before using it for construction.

Since you now know the various things stonemasons consider when choosing stones for construction, it’s time you get in touch with one in Leicestershire.