The D.P. Tebbutt Stonemasons team provides a comprehensive range of stone restoration services, working on listed buildings and projects of all scales and sizes. We help to bring your properties back to life with quality restorations. Regardless of the current condition of your building, we’ll ensure that you get the results you want.

Surveys & stone restoration services

When it comes to refurbishments and stone restoration services, we are serious about our work. It’s critical that the correct type of material is identified before any work begins. At D.P. Tebbutt Stonemasons, we provide a complete condition survey of your property before we start a project to guarantee that we carry out the correct works to the highest standards.

stone cleaning Warwickshire

All restorations

With over 30 years of experience, our stonemasons are able to tackle any type of stone restoration project, including:

  • Period properties
  • Churches
  • Listed buildings (Grade 1 & 2)
  • War memorials
  • Stone repairs
  • Hydraulic lime pointing
  • Estates ( Modern & historical)

    Our specialisations include refurbishments, condition surveys, consolidation, strengthening, replacements of damaged areas, stone repairs and more. We also supply high-quality stone to complete every project to a high standard.

  • Expert stonemasons

    D.P. Tebbutt Stonemasons are fully committed to being Northampton’s premier specialised stonemasons. Our team are trained and certified to the highest industry standards, ensuring that all of our work is backed by experience, skill and expertise. When you’re looking for stone restoration services for your listed building or restoration project, D.P. Tebbutt Stonemasons is the name to remember.

    stone cleaning Warwickshire

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