Take proper care of your stone buildings with help from Northampton’s experienced stonemasons. At D.P. Tebbutt Stonemasons, our professionals specialise in stone conservation for buildings of all sizes and all ages. Working throughout Northampton and nationwide, we conserve and restore listed buildings preserving their historical value.

Stone conservation specialists

Our professionals take great pride in protecting your property. We ensure that all materials and procedures are adhered to when undertaking any stone conservation, resulting in quality and consistency that will ensure your building is preserved with integrity. Our expert team works throughout Northampton and nationwide, and will ensure that every aspect of your project is completed to the highest standard.

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Comprehensive stonemason services

As stone conservation and masonry professionals, we specialise in a wide range of stonemasonry across Northampton and nationwide. At D.P. Tebbutt Stonemasons our expertise covers:

  • Conservation
  • Preservation
  • Consolidation
  • Paint removal
  • Mortar repair and makeup
  • Gilding
  • Plastic repair
  • Lime mortar pointing
  • Lasting solutions for your properties

    With over 30 years of industry experience covering Northampton and properties nationwide, our professionals are able to assess the condition of any property to ensure it receives the right treatment. Our suite of full services ensures that your building looks its best for years to come. You can depend on the quality materials we use to provide a sturdy and durable foundation.

    stone cleaning Warwickshire

    Looking for a specialist stonemason? Call us on 01858 575 898.

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