Revitalise the appearance of your building with expert stone cleaning services from an experienced stonemasonry team based in Haselbech, Northampton. Our industry certified stone cleaning techniques carried out by our expert team will restore your property.

Professional Stone Cleaning Leicestershire

You can easily regain the beautiful look of your stone building with the help of our stone cleaning Leicestershire services. We have vast experience in all types of stonework, including cleaning and polishing them. Our highly competent craftsmen use the latest tools and their excellent skill to clean stones to give your old building a brand new look.

No matter whether you need some for stone cleaning in Warwickshire or Stamford, you can give us a call. Our stonemasons work all around these areas. We use stone cleaning techniques that are safe on the surface and never harm your existing structure.

Our stone cleaning Northamptonshire service aims to restore and regain that lost glow and shine of these beautiful stone buildings, which are proofs of unique artworks.

Please get in touch with us to know in details about all our stone cleaning services.

Stone & brick cleaning services to bring buildings back to life

Our specialist stone and brick cleaning services bring buildings of all ages back to life. Working throughout Northampton and on projects nationwide, we utilise the most advanced techniques, products and equipment to avoid damaging the surface of your stone. You can count on D.P. Tebbutt Stonemasons to bring your stone back to as close to original as possible.

stone cleaning Warwickshire

TORC and DOFF stone cleaning

We utilise a range of quality cleaning techniques to restore your stone, including industry standard TORC and DOFF cleaning. Our specialisations and cleaning systems include:

  • Micro abrasive system
  • Cling strip
  • Tear away
  • Poultices
  • Stain removal
  • Paint removal
  • Experienced stone & brick cleaners

    Our experienced stone and brick cleaning team removes all types of dirt that build up on masonry work. We work on heavily carbonated buildings, are able to remove general dust, dirt, vegetation, algae, moss and bitumen. We can carefully strip layers of paint to reveal the original stonework on buildings. We’re also able to assist with discolouration to enhance the appearance of your building. Our stone and brick cleaning services will remove years of buildup to restore your property to its original state. For all stone and brick cleaning choose D.P. Tebbutt Stonemasons.

    stone cleaning Warwickshire

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